Albada Jelgersma Real Estate Development

AJRED is an initiative of Gijs Albada Jelgersma. For the past 20 years he has built a reputation as a real estate professional with an eye for detail. He believes in a personal approach and is particularly successful in initiating and executing letting strategies and transforming real estate.


Repurposing Real Estate

Repurposing Real Estate to optimise space utilisation and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Initiation to realization

AJRED focuses on the management, development, transformation, positioning and repurposing of real estate. The use of the property and the end user always come first.

Source Image: Michel Kievits


Development and Redevelopment

AJRED develops sustainable property from the perspective of the end user and its surrounding environment.


AJRED advises owners and investors on the development, strategy, feasibility analysis, repositioning, asset management and marketing of their real estate assets.


  • Negotiated more than 250 leases for a total of approx. 500,000 square metres.
  • Responsible for the redevelopment and transformation of various office buildings.
  • Responsible fort he purchase and sale of office buildings.
  • Re-market and successfully lease existing office buildings.





ULC Groep / Transformatie kantorencomplex UNIVERSE in Binckhorst Den Haag van start


Borghese real estate / Voormalig KPN-kantoor Binckhorst herontwikkeld tot Universe Offices


IJbouw / De aanneemovereenkomst voor de realisatie van de UNIVERSE-Offices is getekend


Vastgoedmarkt / Albada Jelgersma richt adviesbedrijf op


Imagebuilding / Eye-catching gevelreclame Universe Offices


PropertyNL / Borghese en COD verkopen 2 kantoren Maanplein Den Haag


PropertyNL / Albada Jelgersma verruilt Triuva voor Ajred


Vastgoed Journaal / Albada Jelgersma bouwt eigen vastgoedbedrijf op


Cerius Projects / Herontwikkeling Universe offices


Architectenweb / Voormalig KPN-kantoor Binckhorst herontwikkeld tot Universe Offices


BGMW / Branding, brochure, website en presentatie Universe Offices


/ Testimonials

  • "My contacts with Gijs are excellent. I have had several contract meetings with Gijs in which I have found Gijs to be a reliable partner."

    MARCO GRASSIDONIO Director - Asset Management Europe at TRIUVA Institutional Funds
  • "I have known Gijs for many years while doing advisory work on Airport Cities for the IVG Group in Frankfurt and as a member of the “Beirat” of the IVG Group. He is guaranteed to be highly committed, people oriented, easy-going, and a team player. He is dedicated in whatever he is doing. I have watched him take a deep interest in the lives of many of the people around him. Much thought goes into the things he does, and he has an unusual ability to notice what others overlook."

    Adriaan A. Mast Managing Director/Owner at Masters Vermogensbeheer B.V.
  • "Gijs and I share the same roots in our professions, being senior asset manager for a long time for German institutional investors. We worked close together on integrated area developments in Amsterdam in locations where we both faced severe vacancies in our buildings. He is trustworthy, persistent and very pragmatic, a good business partner."

    Jan van den Hogen Deka Immobilien GmbH
  • "Gijs has played a crucial role in the refurbishment of our offices in Amsterdam, formerly owned by TRIUVA. The buildings we occupy no longer fitted our needs and we were considering a relocation. However, Gijs was able to convince the owner to invest substantially in the buildings and in return he convinced us to renew the lease. Gijs managed the negotiations in a professional way and showed business integrity. He was transparent in what was achievable, so that both parties felt there was a win-win deal on the table."

    Frank Roerink CFO at Avantium
  • "The contact with Gijs has been good, he is professional and reliable."

    Koen van den Donk Facility Manager at SBS Broadcasting
  • "Gijs Albada Jelgersma played a huge role in the redevelopment of our new head office. Based on the responses from users, this redevelopment has been more than successful."    

    Marcel van Bruggen Manager vastgoed / expansie Praxis Vastgoed B.V. / Maxeda DIY
  • "My contacts with Gijs are excellent. I have had several contract meetings with Gijs in which I have found Gijs to be a reliable partner."

    Ad van Lieshout Manager Real Estate at Van Gansewinkel
  • "I came to know Gijs at the peak of the crisis as an open-minded and effective developer of vacant office property"  

    Dick Bruijne Stadsontwerper ArenApoort west



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